THe Forest School GAMES

The Forest School Games are a lighthearted, joyful, age-appropriate, outdoor competition between FSL teams held seasonally or annually, decided upon by regional chapters. Four separate events that showcase each of the Four Tenets will be decided upon prior to the competition but will not be unveiled to the children until competition day.


Example events: 

  1. Physical: Forest gross-motor obstacle course

  2. Cognitive: “What’s missing?” forest object memory event

  3. Social-Emotional: Collaborative fort-building

  4. Nature-Connection: Orienteering event


Team practices that support the Four Tenets will be held by separate FSL teams throughout the year using forest school, youth sport, and outdoor recreation best practices. Because the children won’t know which events will take place on competition day, practicing for a broad range of skills during team practice sessions is encouraged in order to build well-rounded, adaptable team members.

Sportsmanship is emphasized and expected during the Forest School Games. Competitions focus on teamwork and personal accomplishment rather than performance and winning. 

The 2022 Games


  • Participating Forest School League teams


  • Friendly competition between forest school teams, comprised of four different events. 




  • May 21, 2022 10:00am - 12:00pm 

  • Families are invited to make it a weekend, camping Friday night and Saturday night alongside other FSL families. We hope you will join us for the weekend in a relaxed, family friendly atmosphere as a great way to make connections with other families and see all this beautiful area has to offer. 

  • Reservations for camping at Lake Robertson can be made after April 1 by phone or payment can be made upon arrival. 



  • To create community and connection among forest schools families while providing an opportunity for forest school kids to join their teammates in a light hearted, action packed, fun-tastic, competition between forest schools.

Suggested Donation: $10