The Four TenetS


Fine/gross motor coordination, neurological integration (proprioception/vestibular/

sensory/balance), strength, endurance, eyesight, etc.


Problem-solving, critical-thinking, visual-spatial perception, working memory, verbal reasoning, fluid reasoning, processing speed, etc.



Social: Pro-social skills, teamwork, collaborative problem-solving, empathy, soft-skills, etc.

Emotional: Growth-mindset, moral development, resilience, self-concept, internal locus of control.


Comfort and ease in nature, mindfulness, observation skills, naturalist and survival skills, environmental stewardship, etc.

The significance of FOUR

FSL has identified four primary developmental areas that inform our mission, and that shape the activities facilitated in the Forest School Games. The four wing segments of our moth logo are a visual reminder that all four FSL tenets are necessary to create the whole. 


A moth needs to struggle out of its cocoon in order to build the strength to fly. If one were to help a moth out of its cocoon, it would be too weak to survive. Nature gives the moth its strength. This process mirrors the resilience and strength that forest schools build in children. It also represents the struggle to establish forest schools in the United States within a culture that has largely lost connection with and respect for the natural world.