FORest School League

Supporting whole-child development

through outdoor sports & recreation programming



Our mission is to support whole-child development through recreational, outdoor, nature-based programming. Operating within the context of a youth sports league using “forest school” pedagogy, we aim to create a purpose-driven community of forest school programs across North America. The Forest School League (FSL) implements standards of excellence that follow time-tested forest school and outdoor recreation best practices for young children.

Through an application process, forest schools throughout North America can become FSL members and participate in the Forest School Games with other regional programs. FSL members have access to community, collaboration, and consultation services while working to align with FSL standards. Contact us to learn more!



Where it all began

The Forest School League began in 2019 with a group of  four Virginia forest school directors who recognized a need for American forest school programs to be part of a collective organization that encourages collaboration and quality programming.

When considering regulations that inform American youth-programming, it became evident that the outdoor forest school model fit best within the sport and recreation field in the United States. Thus, the Forest School League was born!